Assistance with your Organisation’s OD-process

Organisational development or organisational strengthening is a continuous, structured and planned process of analysis, learning and organisational change. The objective of this process is to improve the ability of the organisation as a whole to analyse and anticipate changes in its environment and to adapt its goals, activities, resources and internal functioning accordingly.

Organisational development is often a slow and complex process. Switching from a more organic learn-as-you-go way of evolving as an organisation to true organisational development can be challenging. Support from someone external not only gives you access to new knowledge, but also offers you a fresh view, a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on.

Facilidev’s take on organisational development is that people make the organisation to what it is more than anything else. This is why we favour a participatory approach that involves your staff, volunteers and management, as well as your beneficiaries or clients and other important stakeholders. Although we can offer you punctual support in the form of one-off trainings, evaluations and advice, we strongly feel that facilitation is the best way we can support your organisational development process and help you reach tangible results in a reasonable timeframe.

How can we help you?

  • Facilitation of your organisation’s OD-process, from Participatory Organisational Capacity Assessment to OD-plan, to support for learning, implementation and monitoring, to the assessment of the process and its results.
  • Introductory workshop on organisational development and the OD-process
  • Conduct a Participatory Organisational Capacity Assessment (POCA) with your staff, volunteer, management and possibly other stakeholders
  • Help you to establish your Organisational Development Plan
  • Evaluate the OD process and its results (effects, impact)