What is Results Based Management (RBM)?

Result based (project) management differs from the traditional task-based and resource-based management in its focus on the final objectives of the project. This doesn’t mean that planning (of tasks or activities and of the use of resources) is not important, but ultimately the project team must make sure that the objectives of the project are reached. Results based management does not assume that these objectives will be guaranteed to be reached if you (micro) manage the tasks and resources well. To make sure you will get the desired outputs, outcomes and impact a system of verifiable indicators is used, while at the same time the assessment, follow-up and management of risks is an integral part of this approach.

The central tool in this approach is the logical framework or logframe, which brings together the core information about the project in a four-by-four matrix. In order to help you design better, clearer projects, we developed the Logframer software and offer you trainings in the use of this application as well as on various approaches that make use of the logical framework.

You can find more detailed information about Results-Based Management on our Logframer site.