Project management with Logframer

Facilidev is specialised in project management using logical framework approaches, such as Results Based Management, Project Cycle Management and Logical Framework Analysis. We have developed a software tool called Logframer to help you develop, plan and manage your projects. Logframer is open source, no-strings-attached software that you can download free of charge from the website.

Click here to get a brief introduction about Results Based Management

We have extensive experience in writing project proposals for various donor agencies, which we gladly share with you. To develop projects that hold their own in the complex and continuously shifting international environment, getting the input and feed-back of key stakeholders including your potential beneficiaries/clients and your partners, the result based management approaches offer a range of participatory approaches. Visit our website to find a host of information on these methods. Additionally, we can offer you practice oriented workshops on these topics. We can also assist you with concrete project proposals by reviewing draft proposals or evaluating projects.

Often, the real challenge of working with the results-based management approach is to develop your organisation's monitoring and evaluation system. Linking up to the M&E systems of your partner organisations and supporting them in the development of their systems can also be difficult. Here at Facilidev, we have ample experience in developing M&E systems in general, but also the more technical (ICT) side.

How can we help you?

  • Logframer software application, which you can download for free (and with no strings attached) here
  • Find a wealth of information about Results Based Management, Project Cycle Management and Logical Framework Analysis on the website
  • Practical workshops on how to use Logframer for participatory project design and management
  • Support in developing a planning, monitoring, evaluation and accountability system that enables you to decide, act and learn
  • Evaluation of existing (project) PME systems
  • Training on approaches that make use of  the logical framework, such as LFA, PCM and RBM
  • Training/workshops on how to write a project proposal and review of draft proposals
  • Evaluation of projects in the international development sector and the non-profit sector. Projects that focus on capacity development or that have an important capacity development component are our speciality.