Helping you help your partners, member organisations or divisions

Larger organisations with offices in different countries often feel the need for an approach that allows them to support the organisational development of these divisions. Similarly, network organisations that bring together different member organisations often offer some kind of services or support. In international development and humanitarian work, donor organisations and stronger international Non-Governmental Organisations offer assistance in the form of trainings, international exchanges, investments etc.

These efforts are generally referred to as capacity building or capacity development programmes – at Facilidev we favour the term ‘capacity development’ because it is not as if you start from zero, people and organisations already possess capacities to start with.

Creating a capacity development approach that can be used in different contexts and respond to the needs of people and organisations with different backgrounds, cultural sensitivities, needs and abilities can be a huge and complex task. How do you analyse and respond to the needs of different people and organisations, but still maintain a manageable support programme? How do you keep track of the progress of all these different partners or member organisations? How can your support the empowert of women, minorities, poor people and so within these organisations and within society as a whole? And in the end, do your efforts and investments lead to more quality and concrete benefits for your members, beneficiaries or clients?

At Facilidev, we really believe that capacity development is one of the most effective means to empower individuals, organisations and societies as a whole. We can help you develop your capacity development approach based on the principles of empowerment. Amongst other things, this will help your partners or member organisations to take responsibility and ownership for their own development and avoid becoming totally dependent on your continuous support.

Using the same principles behind your own organisational development, this approach helps your partner or member organisations to analyse their structure and activities in detail, decide on the steps to take to strengthen their organisation and the people who work for it and implement the desired changes.

When you have to track the progress of many member or partner organisations, this can quickly become a daunting task. The development of capacity monitoring systems is one of our specialities.

How can we help you?

  • Help you develop a capacity development approach
  • Support in developing an OD monitoring system
  • Evaluation of capacity development programs